What to expect when you are with a ‘broke man’

Vice grip on wallet

Dobby Dobson got a lot of flak for his hit song ‘Loving Pauper’ back in the day but honesty counts for a lot in a relationship. A man who has nothing and tells his girl that he has nothing and expects her to stay with him, is not only an honest man but very brave in an era when women are known for being materialistic and cynical. A broke man who is either unemployed or under employed has to get creative when finding ways to make his significant other feel special.

He will go all out to wine and dine her either on a strict budget or for free and if she can hang, then she has found herself a man who may eventually turn his ingenuity into dollar bills if she is patient.

Stop sign over wallet

Forget dining out. Your beau is going to take you to the park to people watch. Do not knock it as it can be a fun way to be entertained as you see human nature in all its glory without spending a cent. You pack some sandwiches and a bottle of water and let the day take you wherever it leads.

Discounts and coupons are your best friend. For the most part you frequent wholesales instead of pricey supermarkets but when you do go supermarket shopping you predominantly look for the ’specials’. Your shopping cart is filled with items sold in bulk and batched in three’s or four’s.

Forget subscription services. Since Netflix would be a luxury, not to mention regular cable, you make the local channels work for you by turning night time viewing into ‘date night’. Do not despair. At least you know he has your back and this can be literal if he gives you a full body massage. If essential oils are out of his reach, he can substitute them with some good cocoa butter lotion.

Empty pocket

The important thing to remember when being with a man who must count his pennies, it is how he makes you feel at the end of the day that is important. Truth be told, some women are with rich men and are unhappy.

A man who is poor but progressive may have more potential than one who has had things handed to him. He may not be able to spoil you with material things but he can spoil you with love and attention.