What to expect when you love a ‘mean’ man…

Some men are quite tight-fisted with their cash. (Photo: hivisasa.com)

They say love is generous and kind, but apparently some men never got that memo, and if being stingy was a sport, they would win gold at the Olympics. Indeed, being tight-fisted is second nature to individuals who pinch pennies not because they have to but because they practice to. They call it conservation, we call it being mean, but at least you should know what you are in for when dating or marrying such a person.

There are those rare individuals, like myself, who are allergic to them, but if you are not and sincerely subscribe to love conquering any flimsy budget, more power to you.

A precursor to the future

Some men will even help their spouses in creating a budget.

Here is a precursor to what your future may look like. Good luck.  

1. When he gives you money to purchase anything, he expects his change.

2. He scrutinises the bill or receipt. This may be the only time you will see him with his reading glasses on too.

3. He avoids credit cards because he is not about that ‘interest for late payment’ life.

4. When your hair needs to be done, he will turn up and pay the hairstylist himself. Nope, he is not handing you the money.

5. If you live together, he spits all the bills down the middle, 50/50.

6. Forget a nice expensive phone. You are getting a pre-paid ‘banger’. He says all you need is WhatsApp and to make calls. Check your email and such on your laptop.

7. Oxtail cooking happens once a quarter or blue moon. Get used to brown stewed chicken neck and sardine and macaroni.

8. There is no impulsive buying, and everything comes in bulk like a two-gallon bottle of mayonnaise. 

9. All of his bank statements and banking information is sent to his mother’s address. You know why right?

10. Everything of value is in his mother’s name. If that ain’t some next level mess then I don’t what is.

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