What to know when having sex over 30

You are not young and naive anymore. Having dated around, messed around and been around the block, you now know what you want, like and can tolerate.

But while age comes with experiences, it doesn’t always teach wisdom. So to better help you navigate this halfway period in your life, here are some words of advice that came through trials and many errors:

1. Liquor is optional: By now you should be able to get high off life and not liquor but if you are drinking, remember that everything is better in moderation.

2. Birth control is NOT optional: Make sure you are covered on all fronts. An unplanned pregnancy is not something you want to deal with, even if you think you know how you’d react. Why risk it?

An unplanned pregnancy can traumatic for everyone concerned, protect yourself.

3. Walk with your own condoms: Would you let someone on land hold your life vest while you went rafting down the river? No? The principle is the same, protect yourself.

4. Hygiene should be on point: ‘Manscaping’, landscaping and de-bushing is a must. No one is saying you need to be as smooth as the day you were born, but a little maintenance hurts no one.

Good hygiene is a must. At all times. Enough said.

5. Start with a compliment: Ladies, you can compliment a guy, it’s okay, we give you permission. Men, telling a woman she looks or smells nice will not diminish your masculinity. This is 2020!

6. Dress up a bit: You don’t have to misrepresent yourself or try to mimic IG influencers, but it’s always obvious, and appreciated, when someone makes an effort.

7. Dinner would be nice: Have a meal and get to know more than the name and occupation. Dinner is a great way of finding out of this is the ‘right’ one or right now.