What women notice about each other

Women will size each other up to check out how much of a threat the other is.

Call it what you will but when women, especially ambitious ones, see another woman enter the room, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are sizing her up. When we talk about another woman, we mean the career woman who men open the door for and then follow into a meeting room because her very aura informs you she’s there to hold court and get things done.

They say ambitious women don’t usually get along as positions for women to fill are limited, generally only enough space for one. Be that as it may, they still like to discern what the next female is all about and start doing their assessment the moment she makes an appearance.

Here are the top things women notice about each other:

1. Confidence:  Did she pause for effect or quickly try to blend in with the crowd?

2. Hair: Her hairdo can tell a lot about a woman.

3. Jewellery: Understated and tasteful or flashy?

4. Shoes: Pumps or six-inch heels can determine if she comes to make friends or kick-ass.

5. If she has on a wedding ring:  Her marital status can decide how she will play with the boys.

6. Walk/strut:  How she saunters, sashays or stride into the room can make all the difference.

7. Outfit: Loose-fitted or snug; off the rack or high end name brand.

8. Handbag: Whether Louis Vuitton or a functional laptop knapsack will tell if she is there to work or network.

9. Figure: If she accentuates or covers it up, it speaks to her agenda.

10. Person(s) she sought out to greet first: Does she stop at the nearest person or bypass everyone and head straight for the CEO? Take note.