What would you do with 24 hours to live?

If you only had a day to live, most would probably spend it with the people they love most.

Most of us would love to know how much more time we have. Knowing means you could plan everything out to the last detail and not waste precious time on things you don’t enjoy.

They say you only live once but if you get to live it up for 24 hours, what would you do? The following are some common suggestions that people would gravitate towards doing if they only had a day left to live it up. 

1. Eat all your favourite junk foods: The more fattening, the better.

If you’ll be gone in 24 hours, there’s no point in eating healthy, is there?

2. Spend time with family: Hug all the elders and kiss all the babies and tell everyone how much you love them.

3. Get wasted: It may be a good time to put your liver to work. 

4. Have taboo sex: If ever there was a time to experiment or live out a fantasy, it would be now!

This may be the time to try some things you’ve always been too shy to attempt.

5. Sky dive: Some say jumping out of a plane is crazy but at this point what is the worst that can happen?

6. Go to church: Make things right with your spiritual side.

7. Forgive a few people from your past: Making amends and finding closure is always a good thing.

Making amends with people you have issues with would be a top priority for many.

8. Make a will: You do not want any fighting over ‘dead lef’ so legally ensure that everyone knows who gets what.

9. Go on an adventure: It may not be a big one but indulge yourself and go do something you have always wanted to do. Live a little!