What would you do if you won the lottery?

In 1995 a little-known artiste who went by the name “Balloon’ came out with a song dubbed Lotto in which he chronicled how he would spend all the millions if he was ever fortunate enough to win. From steam fish and okra daily to buying front teeth to replace the ones he lost, he had some pretty big dreams.

It was a funny song, on a catchy rhythm that made us smile and dance but it also made many pause to contemplate what they would do if they could successfully string those lucky numbers together. If you stopped to think about it, what would you do if you won the lotto?

Buying your dream house is at the top of many people’s list of they won the lotto.

See some interesting answers listed below:

1. Stop work for other people! In fact, stop working period. Where work a go?

2. Buy/build a big house. You know the kind with the automatic gate, swimming pool and the walk in closet that have its own air conditioning unit.

3. Buy land in the country and start farming: We have to eat what we grow, especially with the uncertainty of COVID nowadays.

A lil piece of land where you plant and reap your own crops? It’s the wish of most Caribbean nationals.

4. Secure your dream car. The type that when you go down in a pothole, you do not even feel it!

5. Establish a trust fund or college fund for your children. No matter what them cannot be dunce or hungry anymore!

6. Facilitate your parents stop working too. Yes, mummy and daddy have to be start living in luxury too.

Don’t expect us on Monday, we’re off. Permanently. It’s been real though.

7. Change your phone number! Too many outstretched hands and ‘beggy beggy Peggys’ will be calling.

8. Hire an investment broker and squirrel away some so that the money can have sex and continue to multiply.

9. Enjoy a nice ‘staycation’. Because of ‘rona’ you can no longer travel and explore the world like you want to but you can still enjoy the beauty of your own island with an exclusive villa rental in somewhere like the hills of Portland.

10. Buy some rundown properties around town and renovate them. You can go from being a tenant to a landlord. Buy some fixer uppers and renovate them and turn them into rentals. That is a certified cash cow.