What’s that tiny pocket on your jeans really for?

Whether you are 5, 15 or 50, chance are you have worn a pair of jean. It does not matter if it’s a low rider, ‘mom jeans’ or cut-offs, they’re staples in our wardrobes.

That little pocket on our jeans has been a mystery to many for years.

Denim has been around for over a century and, over the decades, styles have changed, gone off-trend and returned for another turn.

But what about that little tiny rectangular top pocket on the jeans itself? That small stitched square tucked over the bigger pocket that doesn’t seem to serve a purpose…what’s that all about?

Conventional wisdom tells us that since it has been around from ‘saltfish a shingle rooftop’ it could not be for hanging smartphones and only if you fold up paper notes really small can they hold money so that too is ruled out.

As it turns out, the mystery is not so mysterious after all.

(Photo: today.com)

Levi Strauss, known now for the brand Levi’s, is credited as having made the first set of jeans back in the 1800s for cowboys. Strauss felt that the men needed an area where they could keep their pocket watches, long before watches migrated to the wrist.

Strauss carved out that small area for that purpose because cowboys had to wear their watches on chains and kept them in their waistcoats. With all the rough and tumble of outdoor living, cow herding, sleeping and living off the land, at times their watches inadvertently got broken. Hence, the goodly gentleman was nice enough to introduce the small pocket the device was would be safe.

The use of that tiny pocket has moved from its original purpose and now accommodates things from coins to condoms.

Since Strauss’ time, that place has since been used to hold a number of other tiny things from coins and chewing gum to condoms and keys.

If you’re wondering why they are still around since their original purpose is no longer around, your guess is as good as ours.