What’s your love language?

Knowing your love language and that of your partner is important to making any relationship work.

Believe it or not we all, don’t all love the same. We love differently and express it in various ways that may work for some but confuse or frustrate others.

It is crucial that you are on the same page as your partner when it come to love and getting what you need from them and the relationship. Hence, it is best to understand not only your love language but theirs as well. A love language is simply how you express yourself when you are in a union. There are no real hard and fast rules but some things are pretty common so peruse the list below and see which one fits you best.

1. Acts of service: Some people are not great with words and verbalising how they feel. They are into you but do not know how to get those words out without tripping over their tongue. Instead, they will do things for you like wash up the dishes after you have cooked or rub your feet when you complain that you are tired. That is essentially their love language: to show you, through kind deeds, how much they are into you and want to make your life a little easier.

Something as simple as doing the dishes can be seen as an act of service by someone who appreciates this kind of affection.

2. Giving gifts: It is not about being materialistic but someone showing you how they feel by offering a gift. It is more about watching the joy on your face when you get something unexpected or touching and enjoying seeing your satisfaction. In other words your satisfaction is their satisfaction.

3. Physical contact: This person is very touchy-feely but not with all and sundry, only with you because they have fallen for you. So they want to kiss your cheeks, hold your hand, have you sit in their lap, slap you on your derriere, blow you a kiss from across the room or hug on you, all for seemingly no reason sometimes. It means that they like being around you and enjoy your company.

Physical contact is very important for some people who value affection and proximity as their main lovee language.

4. Words of affirmation: These are the people who tell you they love you unashamedly; so you get poems, texts and cards all expressing their deepest emotion. This is the easiest language to understand but surprisingly not everyone can handle it.

5. Quality time spent: This is the individual that always shows up when you call and they are needed. They never leave you hanging, are super reliable and are like a rock in your life. Sometimes these are the ones we take for granted because they are always there however it is in their reliability that they express that you can always count on them, especially in a relationship.