What’s your sign?

One of your earliest childhood memories might include hearing your horoscope predictions on the radio in the memories. They would provide detailed insight on what to look out for or do in order to have a great day. Some were even warned that it would be a bad day…

Though we may still listen, most of the time within five minutes we’ve forgotten all about it, as we do not take it seriously enough to make a conscious effort to live by its lessons. But is there any truth linked to our zodiac signs or should we see them as just being fun?

Many people seek answers about life’s myriad of questions from theories and astrology is one of them. Though some do not consider it real science, that does not negate its popularity or its power to sway individuals who turn to the predictions in the movement of the celestial bodies.

From the beginning of time, man has looked to the skies to map out his life. Farmers have seen the skies as nature’s calendar from the time of Ancient Egyptians. In mid-July, the rising of Sirius, the biggest star in the night, was seen as a sign of imminent flooding of the River Nile.

Sirius is one of the brightest stars in the sky (Photo: Akira Fujii/NASA/ESA/Wikimedia Commons)

Travellers used the skies as a compass, following the stars to know where to go. Indeed even the three wise men in the Bible followed the star to baby Jesus. Historically stars have always held importance.

Your Zodiac sign is said to correspond with the position of the sun relative to constellations as they appeared hundreds of years ago.

The path of the sun as it is believed from the revolving Earth passes through the constellations that formed the Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Interestingly, there is actually a 13th constellation called Ophiuchus (pronounced, “o-few-cus.”) that astrologers have discarded.

The constellation Ophiuchus sometimes known as the Zodiac’s 13th or forgotten constellation. (Photo: astronomytrek.com)

While all of this sounds pretty nifty, the real question is, is there any real evidence of our birth signs holding any meaning over our personalities and lives? Well, some people swear that what was foretold in their horoscope came true and with such regularity that it cannot be dismissed.

A newspaper outlet admitting that someone concocts the little gems…with no real scientific basis at all.

However, anyone can construct a horoscope with a little knowledge which is what gives astrology such a bad name. There has been a case of a newspaper outlet admitting that someone concocts the little gems, written in ways to give a little pep talk and hope, but with no real scientific basis at all.

If you are particularly perceptive, you may have noticed that in the past some of the information shared is recurring or repeated.

In the end, it is different strokes (or signs) for different folks. People will believe what they want and men will forever use it as their pick up line.

Do you believe in horoscopes?