WhatsApp updating terms to monetise app

WhatsApp will roll out new terms to allow it to share your information with Facebook. Basically, if you do not agree to these terms, then you will no longer be able to use the popular messaging service.

It’s sharing your information with Facebook in a bid to monetise the app, roll out advertising and e-commerce. Users have until February 8 to accept these new terms.

The new terms will allow businesses to contact their clients via the platform, even sell them products directly using the service as they already do in India.

“Privacy policy and terms updates are common in the industry and we’re providing users with ample notice to review the changes, which go into effect on February 8th,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

“All users need to accept the new terms of service if they want to continue using WhatsApp,” added the spokesperson.

The firm said the updated terms will allow additional sharing of information between WhatsApp with Facebook and its other applications such as Instagram and Messenger, such as contacts and profile data, but not the content of messages which remain encrypted.