When a married man buys expensive gifts for his female ‘friend’

There are married men who often buy gifts for female friends.

There are some things that just do not make any sense: Straight men who allow their underwear to show publicly; women who shave off their eyebrows and then take markers and draw them back on; and married people who act as if they are still single.

Down payment

Case in point for the last anomaly, the men who are very much married but insist on spending money to buy tokens and gifts for females who are not their family members. How does that work? Why is this individual considered special enough for your credit card to be severely affected and on what planet do you think it would fly with your significant other?

For the record, it is super inappropriate and seriously disrespectful. Buying a gift for a ‘friend’ who is not a friend of your wife is a sign that you are either involved with the person or have intentions of becoming involved down the road. So, you are probably making a ‘down payment’ on the property you are investing in for future conjugal construction. Women also are not stupid. Accepting gifts from a man who has a wife and kids means that you are down for whatever, and you are perfectly OK with the nature of this nefarious relationship.

A man’s wife might get upset if she finds out he is buying expensive gifts for his female friend.

Wife’s feelings and emotions

When a man buys expensive items such as jewellery or a car and makes a big presentation to a woman other than his wife, especially in front of the woman’s friends, he is not only attention-seeking but is doing this grand gesture to look benevolent while using it as an opportunity to boost his ego. These are the actions of a narcissist and what the receiver does not realise is that having accepted the gift, it not only comes with strings attached, but he will forever remind her of everything he has done for her and will hold it over her head any time he feels that she is not showing him enough ‘gratitude’. Why would anyone want to live like that?

A narcissist cares about no one but him or herself at the end of the day, so though married, having consideration for his wife’s feelings and emotion is not a priority. Priority one is always about making themselves look and feel good. Public gift-giving is a way to show off in front of others who possibly cannot afford to make similar gestures. Once again, being involved with a narcissist can be very difficult, but the sad truth is most people do not see the signs and recognise them for what they are.

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