When is the right time to leave home?

Kids need you for everything but as they grow, their dependence decreases and pretty soon, those humans you made are fully capable of making their own decisions.

Parents spend time raising kids but few give though to when their children will want to make it out on their own.

These decisions include things from driving to voting to relationships and eventually, but don’t start sweating just yet, when to move out on their own.

Indeed, many parents, if we are completely honest, have not enabled children to take care of themselves as we do everything from their laundry to cooking. Hence, some will have a harder time than others to make it on their own without running back home for a cooked meal and some clean underwear!

Some children go off to college and move into a dormitory and, after graduation, branch out into the big bold world and never move back home. This usually happens around age 18 to 20 so it has become a default transitional age and period when they move into adulthood. And by adulthood, we do mean paying bills, prioritising what gets taken care of first and how to budget.

When children leave for school, the expectation is often that they will be moving out on their own after completing their education.

Since 18 is legally the attainment of adulthood, it’s also the age when a teenager can leave and you cannot stop them. Having said that, few teenagers have ten cents to rub together much less make it on their own. They are neither financially nor emotionally prepared for what is out there and going it alone will be nothing short of a reality check.

Most people leave home after working a few years so that they can work and save up. Also, some young adults may decide after a while to share space with friends who become roommates and move in either to share rent and utilities. Even so, this is usually not a fresh out of high school venture but more of an after university plan. They try this in their early 20s when they get a taste of not having the eyes and ears of their parents on them and they certainly do not want to give it up.