When people turn up at a wedding with a ‘plus one’

It isn’t cool to bring extras to a wedding without asking beforehand.

So, after years of wishing, praying and hoping, your neighbour finally got her man of 15 years to pop the question. They are tying the knot and invited you to witness their nuptials, and you are overjoyed for them. You found the perfect dress, matching handbag and shoes and also found the perfect date to take with you. The only issue is the invite did not say ‘you and company’ or ‘you plus one’. So why bring someone when you do not have the right to impose on the couple’s big day?

Budgetary constraints

Jamaican people are truly special. By that I mean we are very presumptuous; do not follow protocol, care nought about proper procedure as we do as we feel. And when questioned, our big intellectual response is generally “so?”

Don’t ruin your friend’s big day by bringing a crowd to his/her wedding.

We have no idea of people’s budgetary constraints yet we sometimes show up with children to a wedding being kept at a hotel, which basically means that the hotel is charging for meals per plate. There is no kiddie plate or kiddie discount, so you are adding to their expenditure. Such a class act.

Though it is hella embarrassing, there have been times when people have shown up at weddings, with a whole tribe in tow, only to be told that they can attend the ceremony but not the reception, which is a sit-down, formal affair.

Super tacky

Be considerate and think about the budget constraints of the couple.

Some couples, because they know the type of ‘Frighten Friday’ and ‘new coolie’ friends and relations they have, they keep the guest list small. In some instances, they even have ushers at the door to check if names are on the guestlist, denying entry to those who weren’t invited. No reception should ever come to this because turning up uninvited or with a bunch of stragglers is super tacky and trifling.    

In this era of being politically correct, we need to start coming correct, and the correct thing to do is to ask beforehand. If they say no, deal with it by putting on your big girl’s panties before you put on that gorgeous dress, and go alone and learn to make new friends with the people sitting at your table during the reception. You never know, people have been known to find a mate at weddings and funerals, so anything is possible.

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