When sex should be off the table…

There are times when no matter how strong the initial attraction, intercourse should not be an option because of certain factors.

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Never disregard your natural instinct, as it can keep you out of trouble at times. There are many but the following are the brightest red flags to keep one’s clothes on and body parts to one’s self.

  • The other person’s breath is kicking more than Bruce Lee in ‘Enter the Dragon’. Dragon breath is not ok, especially when mints are so cheap to fix that situation.
  • When there are bumps on their genitals. Not talking about hair bumps from shaving but ‘bump bumps’ Ummm…it is a no for me love
  • If they do not want to get tested for any STIs but want to go at it ‘bareback’. That’s a wrap!
  • When they start revealing their ‘body count’ and it is higher than the dates on a regular calendar. Jesus take the wheel!
  • If when you ask if they are single or in a relationship they respond with “…. it’s complicated.” They are playing games because they either are, or they are not.
  • When their overall personal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired.  Soap, water, and landscaping should be the order of the day.
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  • If it is the ex-mate of your family member, best or good friend. It is probably not a good idea because you may have to sit across from them at a reunion or social gathering pretty soon.
  • If the person in question is in a supervisory position or in management at your workplace, you need to walk away as fast as you can. That is a recipe for future drama and possibly career suicide.
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  • If the only occasion or opportunity for ‘sexy time’ is always at a motel. They are either married, in a relationship or live with their mother and ten cats!
  • If the person shows signs of controlling behaviour or tells you upfront that if you get with them, you can never leave. Run!