When you do not get any Christmas bonus…

You might feel disappointed if you do not receive a bonus.

So, everyone is aware that the company made a huge profit and all the big wigs seem happy with the quality of work done. Everyone is pleased as punch and the work environment is pretty good, so you have your fingers crossed that your prayers are answered and that the powers that be will grant you the gift of a little extra ‘supm supm’ for Christmas. Yup, you want that bonus.

No Guarantee

If you do not know (because you have never gotten one), a bonus is as its name suggests, a one-off payment bestowed upon an employee during the period of Christmas in addition to their usual remuneration. It is a great method of boosting staff morale. And since they have something to look forward to, it also helps an entity maintain quality staff members. Bonuses are not always a guarantee, but based on the nature of the job, if the employee’s contract stated that if there is a surplus or profit realised, then bonuses are a given (say the equivalent of two weeks’ pay), then so be it. Get out your shopping list because like the 80s Johnny Kemp song stated, we just got paid!

Don’t finish all of your salary before Christmas hits. Budget!

Don’t be foolish

But what about if we wait around like Winnie Mandela with no payout? What if all our hopes are dashed and there is no bonus?  If bonus payments are ad hoc and not given every single year, it cannot be banked on as a given and should not be considered an obligation. Grumble all you want, but if you do not get it, work with what you do have.

If your hand middle was scratching you, it did not mean that extra money was coming your way. It probably meant that you simply need to go wash your hands more often because they are dirty. If you realise that you will not be getting extra money to spend over the holiday season, spend what you have wisely. Conservation is not just about storing water. Conserve your pay; do not be a fool for the ‘silly season’ and be broke and starving for no reason. December pay need to last all of the ‘months’ of January which some say last 74 days! Whatever you earn normally, spend only half of it before December 25 since the rest has to stretch tighter than the elastic in your favourite pair of underwear! You were warned.

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