When your ex comes calling…

When your ex comes calling, you may wanna let that call go to voicemail.

So you have a good job, your friends are dope and your family couldn’t be more perfect. Most things in your life are going great…and here comes your ex sliding into your DMs with a basic ‘hi, how are you?’ Suddenly your world has shifted on its axis and you lose your equilibrium.

Most people have that one ex who still makes them catch their breath. The breakup may not have been easy and, truth be told, at times he does cross your mind. You covertly follow him on social media but with the passage of time, you did not expect that popup, especially since he was the one who broke your heart.

Remember that if he hurt you once, it could happen again. There’s a reason you’re no longer together.

So after staring at the message for the umpteenth time, what are you going to do? Should you answer or ignore it?

Baby girl, let the past stay in the past. A wise man once said ‘Do not look back as you are not going in that direction’. He is an ex for a reason and if he broke your heart that’s reason enough to keep it moving. Unless he’s completely reformed, which is unlikely, he is liable to repeat mistakes of the past; and the last thing you want to be known as is a ‘mistake ’.

People don’t change overnight and even with time, people rarely change unless they make a conscious and concerted effort to do so. Chances are he’s reaching out to see if you are still weak to him, maybe just curious to see how you are or found some old photos and was nostalgic. Just ensure that you are not also feeling nostalgic and travelling down memory lane as we tend to only remember the good times when we are cruising on that high way. So when you get that call from your ex…just block it.