Which soup is the best? Jamaican people weigh in…

Nothing hits the spot quite like a nice bowl of chicken foot soup.

What is a Saturday afternoon without soup? Indeed, it is as traditional as rice and peas on a Sunday and leftovers come Monday. Many of us will drink soup practically any day of the week, and once you feel ill, someone is going to show up with nothing less than a cup or bowl of the hot, steaming liquid for us to drink, sweat, belch and feel better.

Served hot!

If music is said to soothe the savage beast, then soup is soothing to our soul.  Essentially liquid food served warm or hot, made by fusing vegetables or meats with seasoning, stock or water, soup is a versatile one-pot meal that can be very filling depending on what ingredients are added. Hot soups are concocted by boiling solid foods in a pot until it becomes broth-like and rich with flavour. Soups are similar to stews, except that they typically have more liquid than stews.

Red peas soup is probably the favourite of most Jamaicans.

As beloved as porridge and just as satisfying to most, soups come in a variety of types and many people swear by one or the other based on what was popular in their household as children. Some will tell you that their aunt, grandmother or even neighbour made the best soup that brought family and others from near and far to the home when it was soup day, as the aroma would attract them like moths to a flame. Hence, they sat around trying to look busy until they heard the all-important refrain: “Soup ready!” 

Quick poll

A quick poll revealed the top soups, if not the king of all soups. Not surprisingly red peas soup came out on top, but beef soup was hanging on to its coat tail, as a rich thick beef soup is the stuff that culinary connoisseur will die for. Chicken foot soup was third, and some wanted to add some chicken back to it, and that is OK as for carnivores, the more meat, the merry. Split peas soup came in fourth with mannish water taking fifth place, only because most of our men have an issue admitting that they like the soup with cow male parts floating around in it. Cow skin soup also made the list.

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