Top 10 world leaders (who happen to be Gemini)

Did you know that at the helm of the world’s largest economies are men born in Gemini season (May 20- June 21)?

Those in the astrological world – yup, those of us who worry about when Mercury goes into retrograde, know what they say about Geminis.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The sign is represented by the twins Castor and Polydeuces in Greek mythology, known collectively as Dioscuri – it is this duality that makes those born under the sign at their best, highly intelligent, versatile, fun and witty social beings.

According to astrologers, Geminis have a duality of personalities, which means they are always changing.

What makes Geminis good leaders?

It is their combination of good (adaptable, youthful, energetic, confident) and bad traits (inconsistent, distracted, quick-tempered) that make them, coupled with the right team, particularly strong leaders.

While they can be considered something of a wild card, says Gemini leaders are “ great talkers’ and “ quick thinkers” which make them liked by many.

United States president Donald Trump

Most importantly they are super creative, flexible, and able to find out of the box solutions to complex problems.

A Gemini leader can improvise and adapt when it comes to changing circumstances. They are also good multi-taskers who can think, analyse, and navigate and generate solutions quickly.

Not to mention, when Geminis get fixated on a project, they will delegate authority and do whatever is necessary to get things done.

Today Buzz counts down the top 10 leaders, past and current, who rule under Gemini.

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10. Muammar Gaddafi Mummar

Gaddafi put the “G” in Gemini.

Born on June 7, 1942, Gaddafi is known on the world stage for being a memorable character.

During his rule, relations between Libya and western powers often fluctuated; sometimes it was good and at other times it seemed they were on the verge of all-out war.

Muammar Gaddafi Mummar (Photo:

Gaddafi memorably told foreign oil executives, “people who have lived without oil for 5,000 years can live without it again for a few years in order to attain their legitimate rights”.

Gaddafi was also known to rock some out of the box outfits. Are you old enough to remember when he stepped out in a pair of swanky Louis Vuitton sunglasses in 2002? Not only was he stylish but he was certainly an unconventional character.

9. Roosevelt Skerrit 

Roosevelt Skerrit is the current Prime Minister of Dominica and has been in that position of authority since 2004. 

The 48-year-old was born on June 8, 1972. 

Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit 

Upon taking office he became the world’s youngest head of government.

Skerrit is no stranger to controversy as he vigorously defended his administration’s controversial Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

He has been known to be full of personality, not afraid to call out his critics and is very vocal, as most Geminis are.

8. George H. W. Bush 

Talk about being a Gemini, who can remember when Bush labelled Ronald Regan’s supply-side economic policy as “Voodoo economics”?

Former US President George H.W. Bush

 He then went on to become Regan’s running mate and his “ride or die” through the Iran-contra crisis and many other scandals that rocked Regan’s administration.

 Born June 12, 1924, Bush went on to become the 41st president of the United States.

7. Boyko Borisov

 Born June 13, 1959, Boyko Borisov has been the Prime Minister of Bulgaria for the past ten years. 

Critics of Borisov have labelled him as a flip-flopper – often playing all sides – which has helped him as it relates to maintaining good relations with the European Union.

Despite having resigned from the helm of power in 2013 due to civil unrest which resulted in violent protest he was returned to power. 

 Boyko Borisov (Photo: Isopix/REX/Shutterstock)

His government has been plagued with allegations of corruption and censorship. 

However, Borisov, a former fireman, and bodyguard is viewed by many in his nation as a “man-of-the-people” with a certain charisma, that although a polarising figure, has helped him maintain his electability.

6. Boris Johnson

 It seems Elvis is on Mars – only serious political junkies will get that joke.

From the way he ruffles his hair to his controversial statements – there is no denying that Boris Johnson fits the description of a Gemini. 

Born June 19, 1964 you either hate him or love him. 

Prime Minister of Britian Boris Johnson

Described by critics as “a manic self-promoter” it is hard to believe that he and Theresa May were in the same party. He has a wildly different approach to politics, than many of his colleagues. 

Johnson has been touted as the man to “get Brexit done” while sticking to the usual conservative playbook, with the aim of keeping taxes low while bolstering the health and education systems. 

Johnson has a long record of controversial comments. It is that controversy that makes him such a divisive political figure often striking up parallels with a fellow Gemini also on this list.

5. John F. Kennedy 

John F Kennedy known simply by his initials “JFK” served as the 35th president of the United States from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963.

Born May 29, 1917, JFK was one of the youngest men to assume the role of president, having been sworn into office when he was just 43-years-old. 

Despite being very charismatic and well-liked – who can forget his famous inauguration day line, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” – he was also described as very inexperienced.

John F. Kennedy (Photo:

His inexperience was on full display when he ignored warnings from his advisors and tried to debate with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev following his botched Bay of Pigs invasion. 

His white house was also plagued with scandals, particularly those that emerged about his many conquests. 

Nonetheless, like all true Gemini’s he was brilliant at keeping up appearances, especially in the age of television, he exuded confidence and power and had a youthful contemporary feel that still resonates with audiences today.

4. Rob Ford 

Rob Ford was the Toronto mayor, who is arguably more known internationally than any of Canada’s prime ministers. 

From being caught on video smoking a crack pipe to singing and dancing to Bob Marley’s One Love in City Hall, it is hard not to have heard of Ford. 

Rob Ford

Born May 28, 1969, he was first elected to Toronto City Council in the 2000 Toronto municipal election, he was later elected Mayor of the City in 2010. 

While he was definitely a polarising figure, he was most known for being bold and out there, he also had a personal touch that some Torontonians appreciated, Ford made it a priority to respond to local constituents’ problems, often returning calls himself.

3. Xi Jinping 

How do you go from being exiled by the Communist Party of China under the cultural revolution and forced to live in a cave-style dwelling and emerge as the leader of the said party years later? 

Ask Xi Jinping.

Born June 15, 1953, Jinping is a determined Gemini who tried for many years to get into the party, he was initially overlooked due to the legacy of his father. 

Xi Jinping

Rising through the ranks of local politics, Xi Jinping in 2012 became the leader of the party. He is said to rule with an unapologetic iron fist, as his first action was ridding the party of his political rivals. 

When in 2018, he was to demit office, a constitutional amendment was made to remove limits from the presidency -this means he could potentially be president for life. 

Depending on who you talk to, Xi Jinping is a committed charismatic leader, bent on trying to make his “China Dream” come true.

2. Aung San Suu Kyi 

Talk about a polar shift – Aung San Suu Kyi went from being lauded in the international community as a peace icon to defending the Burmese military against allegations of genocide. 

Born June 19, 1945, Suu Kyi spent much of her time, following her return to Myanmar in 1988,then known as Burma, incarcerated or detained as she fought to bring democracy to the military governed state.

Aung San Suu Kyi (

Suu Kyi became the de facto leader of Myanmar in 2016. 

Since her rise to power, her administration has had to deal with the Rohingya crisis. 

The Rohingya crisis grew from a series of deadly attacks on police stations into a humanitarian crisis in which thousands of ethnic minorities have had to flee the country.

 Since then, the usually well- respected Suu Kyi has come under fire from the international community with calls for her Nobel peace prize to be revoked over her government’s handling of persecution of Rohingya people.

1. Donald Trump

The ultimate Gemini – Donald J. Trump born June 14, 1946 – it is hard to find another political figure that is quite like Trump. Prior to running for office, Trump was a respected businessman most known for his developments in real estate and for his popular reality TV show, “The Apprentice”. He has bounced around as it relates to political parties and affiliations, having been at some point a member of both the Democrats and The Republican Party.

Even before he ascended to the post of the presidency, Trump was known for saying some wild things- who can forget that famed Access to Hollywood tape! Turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg.

 His love for late-night McDonalds and his desire to have a wall built has drawn widespread criticism but that has not stopped him from speaking his mind, particularly on his favourite social media platform Twitter. 

Who could have predicted that Twitter would be the hot spot for breaking US News? 

Say whatever you will about him, he’s got his fans/voters who are committed to helping him in his efforts “make America great again”.