Whoopsie! So, the Christmas pixie idea went left…

You listened, did you intel and research and even had others ask the person directly what they would like as possible gift items from their pixie…and it still went horribly wrong. Not only did they give a fake smile that barely creased the corner of their lips, but you also got a present that lacks thought and effort, as practically anyone with half a brain could have walked into any old store and gotten a mug!

Likes and dislikes

Like really? How did it all go so left? Does no one take the time anymore to find out what an individual likes or dislikes? Are we doing the whole generic gift things now? Are kitchen towels and shower curtains the best we can do?  This is why some people are so sceptical about the whole idea of a ‘Secret Santa’ which is basically what a pixie is; a gift-giver who you know is out there, but you have no clue who the actual person is.

Your pixie should not be sad after receiving a gift from you, so be considerate.

Ideal gift

The concept of a ‘pixie’ has been around for decades and is done not only in offices but in a school environment as well. It is a secret gift-giving which is what makes it so exciting, as every day you get little tokens and treat until the final day when there is the big reveal and the big gift. When done right, it can be a joyous occasion for both parties, but when they get it wrong, individuals have been known to stop talking to each other.

So, why would a simple gifting go wrong? Well, for some, the present just does not match up to the personality of the receiver. It is like giving a tomboy a pink Barbie playhouse or a TV sports package to a dude who is into restoring old homes – wrong gift!! The whole point of a pixie is that over the couples of weeks, you hang around the person and unbeknown to them, you are getting information about their lives and likes that you then utilise in your quest to find them an ideal gift.

A comb is never a good pixie idea.

Be considerate

However, what happens sometimes is that even with an agreed budget, people cheapen the concept of a pixie and then go off script and buy what is convenient and not what is considerate. People have been given things like roll-on or a comb. What this signifies to the receiver is that they are unkempt or that their hygiene practices have been found wanting. Not exactly the most confidence-boosting situation, is it?

If you get a gift that you are not thrilled with, as long as it comes from a good place (and you usually can tell) suck it up ad accept it graciously. You are not a five-year-old, and it is not the end of the world.  At the end of the day, the present came from someone who is not your significant other, so it should not have that much of an impact on your life. Do not cry, curse or quarrel, be a good sport about it, even if you then take it home and put it away at the back of the closet.

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