Why bald-headed men are sexy

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is bald and sexy.

If you look at Michael Jordan, Shemar Moore or The Rock, you would understand why women have a certain affinity for dudes that keep a close shave on their cranium. There is just something about running your hand all over a man’s smooth dome that is ultimately appealing to women.


Whatever it is, it engages most of our senses, as we can see and touch it. Hence, it is almost an aphrodisiac of sorts, as a man with a well-shaped bald head does all sorts of things to our insides. But why? What caused this fascination with bald-headed men? What is all the hoopla about, and is it justified?

Many say that bald men are usually well-groomed.

Well, most women seem to think it is. Bald-headed brothers, they say, are not hairy like apes; tend to be well groomed all over; and can just get up in the morning, wash and go without tonnes of hair gel, mousse and comb over. They live simple and easy and that is attractive, as no woman wants a man who spends more time in the mirror than she does. Also, a ‘baldie’ will never clog your drains and is generally nowhere as narcissistic as a dude with a ‘man bun’ or ‘mohawk’, as those things require constant grooming and preening. Who has the time?

Soulful eyes and a great smile

Men without hair are also able to accentuate their other features. So, the absence of hair leads a woman to look at other parts of a man’s face and be attracted to things other than his hairs. If he is a bald dude, she may tend to go for the eyes – which are said to be windows to the souls – or his smile. Soulful eyes and a great smile can win over even the most jaded of women if used correctly. Therefore, a bald guy can use his facial features to make contact and strike up a conversation with a woman. Who would have thought that?

It is believed that bald men are generally tidier.

Appear cleaner and tidier

While it is just perception and nothing that can be proven, men who sport the bald look tend to be more self-assured, stand out from the others and look more confident, all of which is powerfully magnetic. It is almost as if that crop top cranium released some hormone that naturally attracts women like a beacon. A bald head just appears cleaner and tidier at all times, plus if he has you in the horizontal position, when you look down and see his smooth scalp, that image coupled with the fact that you can cradle and massage it in your hands while he is busy down below at ‘work’ is priceless!

Another great reason to come over to the bald guy base is that they look more rugged and manly. In an era of male femininity, a bald man generally is more masculine, and women associate masculinity with feeling protected. Everyone wants that feeling of security, and something as simple as a shaven head can subconsciously transmit this.

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