Why Christmas isn’t for everybody

For many, it is truly the most wonderful time of the year; but for others, Christmas is a nightmare to be endured annually.

Most of us look forward to the love, lights, laughter and all that comes along with the holiday festivities, but we often forget that some individuals dread going into December for a myriad of reasons.


Believe it or not, statistically, Christmas is the season during which the most suicides are committed. So what does that tell you? That it is not all rainbows and sprinkles for everyone.

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Suicide rates spike during the season for many reasons -mainly depression- as some people are alone and unfortunately upon reflecting on their life, they find very little to be happy about.

Others are missing family and feel isolated, and there are few things as palpable as being totally alone during Christmas.


Many people are also sad, because though we celebrate Jesus’ birth during the holidays, quite a few people die over Christmas and therefore every Christmas onwards is a sad reminder of that loss.

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The loss of a loved one during the holidays is brought home and magnified every time some hear a Christmas carol, especially if the person was energetic and full of life.


If you have children or loads of financial responsibilities and do not have a dime to your name, then the holidays cannot be very festive for you and yours. Having children who see how other children are showered with gifts and they realise their own situation is decidedly different, is hard for any parent to handle.

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If your bills are also behind and you have no light, water or even a decent meal over the holidays, then Christmas just amplified your sorrow and distress.


Another valid reason some people become Scrooges at Christmas is that they see it as very commercialised with the central theme of it all being: Buy! Buy! Buy!


They say there is no real goodwill if it does not come wrapped up in a bow or a box. Consequently, people are disappointed because they have been socialised to expect gifts and if this is not forthcoming they get resentful.

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Some have gotten even more cynical when they witness big companies and corporations staging Christmas treats at children’s homes or for the elderly as they feel that stuffing the less fortunate with milk powdered ice cream is just a tax write off and does not come from the heart.

This cynism is amplified when the treats are covered by the media to show just how ‘giving’ they are. One wonders if children and the elderly are only hungry in December and not during any other month of the year.

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Indeed, there are many reasons to turn your back on the holidays but many more to open your heart and make a genuine difference.

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