Why did you and your ex break up?

Relationships end for different reasons. One day you wake up and realize that you no longer want to spend a day with the person you once envisioned spending a lifetime with. Or a series of events could have made you decide that you no longer want to be with this person.

Whatever the reason, we’re not judging. But there are sites like Whisper that allows users from around the world to share why they broke up with their partners. Thankfully, the site is anonymous, so people are able to share freely without the fear of being judged.

BUZZ Fam, we went digging and found some reasons why the magic faded from relationships, and persons decided to call it quits. Some of these reasons may surprise you.

“Was sexting with my ex but lost interest when it was clear he struggled with reading and writing.”

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“I broke up with my ex after he gained 60 plus pounds. I wasn’t attracted to him anymore. I don’t feel bad. I would expect the same.”

“I lost interest when I left town for a month for a work training event. The time apart made me realize that I didn’t miss him at all, and that he bored me.”

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“You know you’ve lost interest when they are no longer attractive to you and their every move slightly annoys you.”

“After the girl I was dating cut her hair, I completely lost interest. She just didn’t look the same with short hair.”

“It’s been three years now, and he still hasn’t proposed. I’m sure that’s why I’ve lost interest in this.”

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“I loved him because he was older and dangerous, then I fell out of love when I realized how much he embarrassed me.”