Why did you stop dating someone?

It can be rough in these streets when it comes to dating; you think you found the perfect partner, and then they go ahead and do something that made you just had to call it quits. The good thing about the dating period of a relationship is that you might not have fallen in love yet, and so its easier for you to let go.

We reached out to our BUZZ Fam, to find out why they had to stop dating their last potential partner.

Sushani, store clerk: I was dating this guy once, he was so handsome. But we were dating for about 3 months, and he forgot my birthday. When I asked him about it, he didn’t seem to care, so he just had to go.

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Vannessa, nurse: I really like this guy I was talking to, but he was always slurping whenever he’d be drinking something. I couldn’t stand it, and I wasn’t invested enough in him to explain, so I just stopped responding to his texts. He eventually got the the message.

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Romain, technician: I like my women independent, but at the same time they should be willing to allow a man to take care of things. I stopped talking to a girl one time because she had this “I don’t need a man, I can do all things by myself attitude” I had to leave where I wasn’t wanted.

Tricia, receptionist: I had my eye on this guy who worked in the building next to mine for a long time. When we finally started talking and I gave him my number, this guy wouldn’t stop calling me. I mean, doesn’t he text??? I eventually had to block him.

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Lauren, teacher: Was dating this man for more than three months, then I found out he had a girlfriend, so that was that.

Sheldon, accountant: I was only talking to this girl for two weeks, but she was so clingy. She even showed up at my place without calling first, and started referring to me as her boyfriend.

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Sharon, bank teller: After only a month of dating, he wanted to introduce me to his parents, said he’d found the one. Meanwhile I was just having some fun.