Why do men cheat with a downgrade?

Have you ever given much thought to the inner workings of a man’s mind? That dark cavernous place that holds so many mysteries?

We all know men, and women cheat, but it’s sometimes a lot harder to grasp when you find out who they’ve cheated with.

To the average woman, their actions often lack rhyme or reason but we see it played out time and again and wonder if they were all dropped on their heads as babies or if they were starved for oxygen in their cribs.

 This is particularly true when we realise many guys who cheat on their partners do so with distinctly less desirable women. Why the step down though? Isn’t life about attaining better achievements and experiences?

First of all, looks are subjective and what is attractive to you may not be for someone else. People like what they like and while it may seem ludicrous to you, it makes perfect sense to them.

Men cheat for many reasons from being unfulfilled to simply wanting to see what else there is to be expereinced.

The law of attraction is not for you to figure out but here are some clues as to why some men go for a girl he probably would not be caught dead with in public.  

1. They think they are easier: The perception is that less attractive girls have lower self esteem and thus are easier lays.

2. They want variety: You love oxtail but sometimes you feel for chicken back

3. No willpower: He is led around by his little head. This is unfortunate

Women are often left wondering what they did wrong to be cheated on but often the reason has little or nothing to do with them.

4. He really is not emotionally invested: He’s probably with his girl because she looks good on his arm.

5. He feels insecure or threatened by her beauty: Hence he seeks reassurance and validation in someone else’s arms.

6. His girlfriend lack substance: This is like you go for what you want and when you get it you realise it really is not all that.

7. He is at the core of it, immature: Like a kid in a candy store, he wants to try everything he sees.

8. They like the excitement: It can be as plain and simple as the thrill of the chase.

9. They get turned on by others’ compliments: Make no mistake she is probably stroking his ego as well as other body parts.

10. Their needs are just not being met in the relationship: In the end it really does not matter what the other woman looks like, if he is unhappy or unfulfilled.