Why do women cheat?

Why do women cheat? That’s the million-dollar question BUZZ Fam that no man wants to ever have to answer.

But it happens more often than we’d want to admit. In fact, research suggests that 10 to 20 per cent of men and women in marriages or other committed monogamous will actively engage in sexual activity outside of their primary relationship.

And guess what? these numbers are likely under-reported possibly by a wide margin, thanks to denial and confusion about what constitutes infidelity in the digital era.

But if you’ve ever been cheated on by your girlfriend or wife, then chances are you spent a good amount of time wondering why.

There are many reasons a woman may decide to venture outside of her relationship. But Robert Weiss, an author and therapist specializing in infidelity and sexual compulsions has provided us with five main ones.

Underappreciated or ignored

It’s not her, it’s you. Your wife or girlfriend is not just the mother of your children or a housekeeper. She a woman with the need to be validated and appreciated. Sometimes men forget that especially long term relationships.

The sex is not satisfying

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It’s 2020, and sex is everywhere, but there are still a lot of men who do not know how to please a woman. Gentlemen, the difference between good sex and great sex is the amount of time you spent catering to your woman’s needs. Sex is more than just thrusting your penis in and out of her vagina, it involves touching, kissing, caressing, and most importantly communication. Take the time to find out what she wants, and be willing to explore new things with her.

There is no intimacy

If you don’t already know this, sex is not intimacy. An intimate connection is made through the sharing of intimate moments; this can include talking, having fun together, building a social life together. So before she has to go, and do those things with someone else take the time to do those things with her.


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Women can experience loneliness in a relationship for any number of reasons. Maybe their spouse works long hours or travels for business on a regular basis, or maybe their spouse is emotionally unavailable. Whatever the cause, they feel lonely, and they seek connection through infidelity to fill the void. 

Too many expectations

Some women have unreasonable expectations about what their primary partner and relationship should provide. They expect their significant other to meet their every need 24/7, 365 days a year, and when that doesn’t happen, they seek attention elsewhere.