Why do women love a man in uniform?

Dem gyal wouldn’t go for a man,

Unless him a wear uniform,

If you want to see them blow like a storm,

gi dem a man who a wear uniform.”

Now they were not referring to the traditional school khakis that most of us grew wearing. Nope, the threads they are fascinated with are uniforms sported by the security forces, first responders like firemen or other professions where it gets them all hot and bothered and drooling over a man who possibly outside of his uniform they would not give a second glance. So what is so hot about a uniform?

Check out the possible reasons below:

1. The fantasy of being rescued: They get to play the damsel in distress, even if it is only to open a jar that has the lid on tight.

2. Uniforms connote discipline: Discipline implies structure and balance.

3. They represent power and authority: And women are turned on by powerful men.

4. Conveys masculinity and virility: Some women think that they are automatically great in bed.

5. They are fit: Because rigours physical training is initially involved, they are generally in shape.

6. The whole aura or mystique of danger is exciting.

7. It shows that they are no afraid to commit to a cause: And stick it out.

8. They like having their own ‘hero’: And some men do not mind the hero worship.