Why is belly fat so stubborn?

Summer activities may still have some question marks but that’s no reason for us to cancel preparing that body for the sun and sand.

Even with exercise, fighting the battle of the belly fat may be a little harder than you think.

You’ve been ‘bussing’ a sweat three or four times a week, keeping hydrated and have stopped going to your favourite cook shop with the oxtail gravy to end all oxtail gravies.

You’ve put in the work and, except for the occasional diet cheat, been working to make better lifestyle decisions but for the life of you, that small area below your navel refuses to budge. Talk about stubborn!

You sometimes find that when you start losing weight your bottom gets smaller, your arms get those bat wings and you may get back into some clothes you haven’t worn for a while…but the tape measure tells you that your waist is not shrinking.

Crunches aren’t enough to get abs, dietary changes are needed if you want to see progress.

All the crunches and pilates seem to have no effect and your mirror is a constant reminder that no matter how you suck in your stomach, that bodycon dress will forever hang in your closet.

Well, a steady stream of box lunches plus eating heavy foods late at night certainly does not help. All that saturated fat loves to settle around your mid-section and act like squatters on government land. If you do not stop to eat breakfast, eat late in the afternoon or eat a lot of fatty or starchy foods at night, then you know the possible results.

Lack of sleep will only make matters worse. Added to that, stress may contribute to your storing fat and not giving your all to workouts.

It may seem like your body is working against you but in truth it may be rebelling against the ways you have treated it.

If you are serious about beating the battle of the bulge, become a fan of protein as it builds and maintains muscle which you need in your fight against belly fat. Forget fatty foods like pizza and overnight fried chicken and instead look at healthy fats like omega fats, fish and nuts. Not all fats are bad, you just need to learn the different kinds and keep malice with the ones that do not love you back. When you have that down, you can look to letting go of refined sugars. Yup, sodas and sweet drinks are not your friends. And while you are at it social distance yourself from the plethora of processed or canned foods that are packed full of sodium and artificial ingredients.