Why is Mandeville trending on Jamaican Twitter?

Thought baby Bolt would be holding down the top spot, as it relates to the trending category on Twitter for the morning (Jan 23)?

So did BUZZ.

It appears that the dip in temperatures seems to have captured everyone’s attention first.

Mandeville, yup the capital of Manchester, is in the top spot on Twitter (at the time of writing), due to the cooler temperatures being experienced island wide.

Jamaicans waking up on Thursday morning have been lamenting on the cooler weather conditions, which they have likened to the experience of visiting the town of Mandeville.

“Bowy, is it cold in Kingston, reminds me of Mdvl” read one Tweet posted early Thursday morning.

“Why Portland cold, such?” questioned another Twitter user.

The cooler conditions in Kingston and Portland were considered to be “mild” by one Twitter user who tweeted that the breeze blowing in Mandeville reminded him of New York.

Even retired Manchester Custos Sally Porteous tweeted jokingly about the weather.

According the local meteorological service, cooler temperatures will be experienced across the island due to a stationary cold front; with some rain expected for some northern parishes.

Mandeville currently sits at a chilly 14 C – Oh come on guys that’s nothing in comparison to Toronto.