Why is your ex flirting with you?

The relationship was far from perfect and now, years after the breakup, he’s trying to hit you up. Why?!

You keep staring at the message because you swear it must be a figment of your imagination. You saw the ‘Hi’ last week on Facebook but could have sworn you blocked him more than two years ago. Now you see the direct message on your Instagram account saying “Nah lie. You look thick and nice nowadays queen, keep it up.” You instantly lose your appetite. What in the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory is going on?!

Why after almost three years is your ex contacting you? The relationship did not end well. Infidelity and trust issues often led to arguments that got real nasty and when disrespect was added, it was so toxic it needed a biohazard warning label to navigate. He moved on to the next flavour of the month and you said happy riddance, gained some happy weight and learnt once again to find joy in the simple things. So why is he back and why does Satan always have to play so dirty?

Relationships end for a reason, or several. That consideration should always be at the forefront of any decision you make about contacting an ex.

Here are our top reasons for why that salty ex may try to re-enter your life:

1. His current relationship is not working out.

2. He came across some old photographs of you and thought to to hit you up.

3. Mutual friends mentioned to him how well you are doing and he decided to see for himself.

4. He has secretly been watching you and finally decided to make contact.

5. He now realises he gave up a diamond for coloured glass.

6. He was waiting on enough time to pass for you not to be angry anymore.

7. He never got over you

8. He realised there was no better and that he messed up.

9. Sex. That should have been top of the list, tbh.

Despite his attempt at a return, remember they are an ex for a reason. It’s your past and since you aren’t going backwards, you do not need to living in it. Close the door on that chapter and call it ‘lesson learnt’.