Why men like women with long hair

Back in the days of old, women were taught that their crowning glory was their tresses, preferably the flowing kind which disqualifies most people of African descent but that has not stopped them from trying wigs, weaves, clip-ons, braids, extensions and sew-ins just to mention a few options.

Hair is a multi-billion business industry.

Indeed, hair is big business on this small island of ours and while some may scoff and deem it a frivolous indulgence, you cannot overlook the fact that it is a billion dollar industry.

Whether you want it Peruvian or Brazilian, straight or kinky, hair is here to stay.

However, women are not the only ones enamoured by hair as many men are just as fixated with it. They want to run their finger through it at night and some have even forbidden their wives or girlfriends from cutting it.

Many a woman with a bald head or short bob have been, rather rudely, told ‘you know you not too bad looking…for a girl with short hair.” The nerve!

Long hair is often viewed as a sign of beauty by some men.
(Photo: SIMON MAINA/AFP/Getty Images)

So, what is this fascination with ‘tall’ hair? Well, some say that they could not date a woman with a bald head as it would feel like they were with a man. To that I ask, when since the length of one’s hair determines not only one’s sex but defines one’s sexuality? It is narrow-minded to pigeonhole femininity and attractiveness, particularly within the context of hair.

Speaking of attractiveness, another school of thought is that low-cut hair is just not beautiful. While everyone is free to define what they deem sexy and attractive, it is unfortunate to lump a whole set of women as ‘undesirable’ simply because the length of their hair is not to your liking.

Buried within that discarded group could be your soul mate whom you’ll never meet because her hair is a few inches shorter than you’d prefer.

There is also another notion that equates long hair with health. Long hair requires a lot of maintenance and maintenance means effort and time, hence in some men’s minds, you have to be healthy to put in the work needed to keep those lovely locks looking luscious. Long hair is also said to be dramatic and mysterious and can hide imperfections on the face, neck and shoulders while being bald, may leave you bare and vulnerable. In short, women can wear long hair like an armour and some man find all of the facade that hair can bring, alluring and quite sexy. Whether you agree with them or not, regardless of your opinion, it’s all up in the ‘hair’.