Why not? Mask-maker designs masks that look just like your face

Shuhei Okawara displays one of his unique face masks

We’re not sure why, but a Japanese mask-maker has created face masks that are the exact replicas of your face. Only these face masks do not protect you against coronavirus as they have nose holes.

What they will give you, however, is an exact appearance of yourself frozen in time, or whoever else you may wish to look like. 

The hyper-real coverings will sell for US$952.

Shuhei Okawara, from Tokyo, makes the masks with a 3D printer.

He copied his own face and chose others from more than 100 photo applications, paying the successful ones US$400 for their image. 

The artist said he will pay royalties to anyone whose face proves popular.

He said: “Mask shops in Venice probably do not buy or sell faces. But that is something that’s likely to happen in fantasy stories. I thought it would be fun to actually do that.”

Okawara said initial inquiries suggest demand for the masks will be strong.