Why some girls knowingly date a ‘player’

Songs are made glorifying it, deejays have females twerking in videos boasting about it, there is even an anthem about it: the wild and crazy life of a player and all it entails. So why then, knowing all of this do some women still gravitate towards men who are self-professed ‘players’?

What is the attraction to these men of prey?

This guy has multiple women juggling but the women tend to know others exist, have accepted their precarious position in his life and generally are willing to tolerate sharing his time and affection.

Why would any rational thinking individual put themselves in a situation in which they are basically an option and not a priority you ask? Well, several reasons come to mind.

Believe it or not, some women are drawn to dark characters. It is as simple as that. A University of Durham study revealed that some men possess the ‘Dark Triad’ personality traits of narcissism and Machiavellism. These traits of a grandiose self-concept and a sense of entitlement which make them feel and act superior come across in a haughty, extroverted demeanour that attracts some women like moths to a flame.

When a woman has no problem sharing a man, it is usually because she already has one at home for herself and just wants something on the side. In other words, she is doing the exact thing he is, so she understands the nuances of being in an extracurricular ‘situation-ship’. She is not going to rock the boat because she is happy to have a ‘crew’ that can do the majority of the grunt work or just share the workload.

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It can also, depending on one’s age, social status and community, provide one with not only street credibility and rating among one’s peers, but in a garrison setting, protection. Especially if he is a known or popular man other men will not dare step to any of his women as this would be seen as a violation.

Being with a player is also a way some woman choose to rebel against what they were told to do by family, friends and society.

Furthermore, some women are drawn to the whole unpredictability of the relationship. They find it exciting as they never know what they are going to get and oftentimes this unpredictability translates in their mind to not only adventure but also torrid, passionate sex.

Being with a player is also a way some woman choose to rebel against what they were told to do by family, friends and society. They have gotten tired of being ‘good’ and just want to do their own thing and just like with toddlers, the more you tell them not to do something, the more that ‘something’ seems so tempting to do.