Why some men cheat with their co-workers

You see the signs, and at first, you are in denial that the ‘chummy chummy’ relationship you witnessed is more than a good friendship. She is a little too ‘handsy’ and calls a little too often for your comfort. However, he insists that there are no ‘benefits’ to that friendship. So, you put your insecurities to the side until you see that text message which confirmed your suspicion.

So, why did he feel the need to cheat with his co-worker? What drove him to want to park his car in that garage when you have seen her in person, and you know she was not an ‘upgrade’ from you? What was he even thinking, and why did he put his main relationship in jeopardy? There are several factors at play when men co-doddle with their co-workers.

1. It is cheaper. Usually, co-worker shenanigans are confined to the storage closet, backroom or occur when the store is closed, so there is no need to spend money on a motel.

2. It required minimal effort. She does not need to be ‘wined and dined’, as she is willing and ready and needed little convincing.

3. Convenience is the order of the day. Why check Tinder or any dating site when an individual is already there working alongside you. You do not have to drive or take a bus to meet up anywhere.

4.  He does not have to make a great first impression. She apparently likes what she has already seen.

5. They spend most of their waking hours together. People who spend a lot of time together can get close over time.

6. They have similar interests. That can be huge in the formation of this ‘situation-ship’

7.  There are no long-term expectations. They can simply be having fun in the moment.

8. She, too, has a main relationship, so she would not be making any demands or looking to ‘take’ him away.

— Written by C.W.

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