Why are we obsessed with looking young?

Human beings are contrary creatures. When we are young, we did everything to look older, confusing it with maturity and dressing up to look more worldly and sophisticated, at least in our minds.

Ageing gracefully was once desired but now the preference seems to be not ageing at all.

Then we age and start hitting those milestones of 30, 35 and the rest and suddenly we want to stop the ageing process and be youthful and spritely again. So the hemlines get shorter, our hairstyles more chic and we drink green juice and do yoga as if these will compensate for the fact that our age is no longer on the calendar.

Indeed, the older we get the more we try to reverse the ageing process, men and women alike. So why aren’t we allowed to age gracefully? Why all the hoopla about being forever young?

The following represent some general views on why youth is supposedly wasted on the young:

1. The media drives this obsession created by the beauty products industry:  So if you do not have a batch of face creams and moisturisers dresser you are being left behind

People who do not have a tonne of products and a strict skincare regimen are sometimes seen critiqued for their lack of care.

2. Women tear down other women down and the first thing that they go for is looks: You could be the best mother and an incredible career woman, if you do not look like or aspire to look like Kardashian apparently something is wrong with you.

3. Some men leave their spouses for younger women: This then translates to young women have all the luck and all the men

Having the body of a Kardashian is seemingly the goal, even if we don’t have the required resources and professionals to help us get it. (Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images)

4. Youth is associated with vibrancy and health: Unfortunately a lot of people think that as you get older, sickness will be your constant companion

5.  People want to look like their favourite celebrities: Nine times out of ten, these are hot bodied individuals with nice abs and cushy tushies and millions of dollars to maintain them.