Why women flip when their men have a wandering eye

We see it all the time, the evil stares that occur when a woman is walking with her boyfriend or husband and catches him entranced, gazing or simply looking at a passing female. It has started more fights than the opponents in WWE and ended a few relationships as well. 

But why does a simply glance cause so much contention?

When you ask the average woman, she feels that him staring at another woman is a sign of disrespect. To many a woman the mere act conveys that the physical features of the total stranger is way more engaging and interesting than anything going on in front of him — you!

In other words, for most women it signifies that your interest is fleeting. This is not a good thing.

On the flip side humans are visual creatures and therefore sight factors a lot into how we think and act. Our brains are hard wired to see and process; so, it’s fair to assume that men may sometimes not even realise that they are staring.

Additionally, looking does not mean that they are interested in being with that stranger, want to hook-up or have developed fantasies about them. It can simply mean the person came within their visual periphery.  In most cases, they see, they saw and then the person is out of sight, out of mind. You only need to worry if you went to the lady’s room and on your return, he was over there chatting her up.

When staring turns harassment

This does not, however, give them a pass to have a wandering eye. In fact, long hard stares can be seen as ogling or undressing the person with your eyes and in certain environments can be deemed as harassment.

If staring at someone makes them or your partner uncomfortable, why do it? If men put themselves in their partners’ shoes, they would probably be so offended that they would rethink that action immediately. When the shoe is on the other foot, most of the time the fit is quite uncomfortable!

With the whole steam train that is the ‘Me Too’ movement, if I were a man, I would think long and hard about staring at a woman.

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Keep your eyes centred on the person you profess to love as lawsuits are no joke. And while we’re at it sir… my eyes are up here!