Why you should celebrate Valentine’s Day

Why grumble and groan, mope and moan about all the fluff and ‘fu-fu’ and foolishness associated with Valentine’s Day. Instead of avoiding it, embrace it and make the best of what you like and leave the rest of it alone. It is up to you to put your own unique spin on it and make it memorable. Listed below are all the positive and magical things that you can do because you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Have at it.

The reasons

1. We get to eat chocolate! Bring on the Hersey kisses and the kit bar bars.

2.  We get to have lots of sex. Your man would love if you break out a new position on this occasion and just ‘wow’ him with it.

3. We feel appreciated. Even though the dishes in the sink still won’t wash themselves. at least he is taking you to dinner, so new dishes will not be added to the huge pile that is already there

4. You can practise your ‘baby-making’ skills and strategies. Are you feeling lucky?

Valentine’s Day is the right time to tell your special someone that you love him/her.

5. You can use it as the perfect opportunity to invite the guy you been eyeing at your gym out for drinks.

6. You get to go visit your mother or aunt and spend the day with her.

7. You can go visit a loved one’s grave and lay some flowers and spend some time catching them up on all the things that happened since you last spoke.

8. You get to test out a new recipe and make a romantic meal for your partner to show that you are all the spicy seasoning they need.

9. For every year together you write one reason you appreciate your partner, and then before bed, read each one aloud to them before thanking God for bringing them into your life.

10. It just feels good to express your love and have someone love you back.

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