Why your 40s is the new 20s

In your 40s, you can live on your own terms.

Your age may have long gone from the calendar to the gate post, but that is no reason to feel down or depressed. Whenever you feel like you are ancient, obsolete or a model that may soon be recalled, remember that there are a lot of reasons to give thanks for life, limb, love and the liberty to live your best life now on your own terms. Yup, your 40s rock!

Eat well and exercise

If you doubt that, know this: This is the age when you are generally more secure financially; finally know where you are headed in life; figured out what kind of person you want as a spouse and generally realise that you have to take care of your body as there are no spare body parts hanging in the garage. You can no longer manage to party all night like a rock star because now if you even attempt it you will pass out by midnight and wake up not feeling like a rock star but more of a rock stone. All of that is OK.

Because pizza now gives you heartburn and your doctor finally convinced you that soda goes straight to your hips, you make an attempt to eat better and get some exercise in so that spare tyre that wants to creep around your waist is not going to happen on your watch. So, you drink kale instead of three cups of coffee to pick you up on in the morning and recognises the value of yoga and meditation to clear your mind and energy of things you do not need cluttering it up.

Your 40s is also a time when you are probably more financially secure.

Perfectly imperfect

When you are in your 40s you also pick your friends wisely. You no longer need a hype man or hype girl or that friend who is quick to pop off and start a fight or jump in an argument to defend you when someone is annoying. Nope, you need more calm, cool and collected individuals who will not boost you up like Supligen but have mastered making money so that they are too busy to make mischief. You friends now are career-oriented with a side of hustle so they may have several businesses. Most may be mothers so their days of “dropping it like it’s hot” is long gone plus they know that if it does not make money it does not make ‘cents’.

A grown woman in her 40s has also made peace with her former worst enemy – her mirror. That item no longer has to power to hold her hostage or make her feel unworthy of love and loyalty. A grown woman in her 40s understands that things sag, flesh droop, stretch marks are battle scars to be proud of and not condemned. Your body is your temple and you take better care of it and also know that it may not be perfect, but it is perfectly imperfect the way it is.

Therefore, chin up. Do not feel bad for ageing because as they say youth is wasted on the young because they rarely know how to enjoy it, as they are so full of insecurity, they make the simple fun things pass them by. Cheers to our 40s! May she live long and prosper!

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