Windies cricketer Marlon Samuels launches Sextillion 7th Power fragrance

West Indies cricketer Marlon Samuels celebrated the launch of his men’s and women’s fragrance, Sextillion 7th Power, with a party at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel on Wednesday.

It was also Samuels’ birthday and he used the occasion to enjoy the company of invited friends and family in an intimate and exquisite setting on his special day.

According to Samuels, he needed to fill a void by creating a fragrance that could go with Brand Jamaica and after researching and networking, he was able to meet with “the right people” in Europe to make Sextillion 7th Power.

Samuels said he was involved in the process, as he used personal experiences and his love for colognes to guide him while spending 18 months travelling to and from Europe to meet with the chemists perfecting the fragrance.

The black-orchid-based fragrance has 20 per cent concentration of exotic notes, with the men’s version, also including bergamot, pineapple and musk and the women’s version sandalwood and amber.

Catch more highlights from the event in our gallery below.