Woman conceives third baby while still pregnant with twins

@TheBlondeBunny1 is pregnant with triplets because of superfetation

Imagine being pregnant, and then finding out that you’ve been impregnated again! Crazy right? Well, that’s what happened to an expectant mom.

The woman known only by her TikTok name of @TheBlondeBunny1 revealed the fascinating occurrence in a video that has been viewed over five million times.

“We knew it was two separate pregnancies,” she said to the camera. “When you ovulate, you ovulate for 24 hours. And sperm can live in your body for up to three to five days. So our first two babies are 10 and 11 days older than our third baby.”

This is a rare case of superfetation. It occurs when a separate egg is fertilized by sperm in the womb days or weeks after a pregnancy has already occurred.

“This happened to us because my hormones didn’t stop me from ovulating, I ovulated another time,” said @TheBlondeBunny1 in the TikTok clip. In another video, she explained that her mucus plug had yet to form, which allowed a second pregnancy to happen. She was not taking any fertility drugs at the time and does not have a bicornate uterus.

“We’re lucky enough that they’re close enough, they will all have the same due date, we just need to get the third baby past the 28-week mark, and hopefully carry them to 32, maybe even 35 [weeks],” she said.

She said her doctors wanted to confirm it was in fact superfetation and not twin absorption or a malnourished baby, so she’s been receiving ultrasounds every two weeks.

“Sure enough, it’s been hitting every single milestone like it’s supposed to, growing at a healthy rate, just 10 to 11 days behind the first two babies we have,” she said.