Woman discovers her son’s bride is her long lost daughter

(Photo: Hauterfly)

A wedding that happened recently in Eastern China is one that no guest will ever forget.

The groom’s mother had the shock of her life when she realized that her would-be daughter-in-law was actually her long last daughter!

Yes, that’s right. So according to Sohu News, the groom’s mother became suspicious when she noticed a birthmark on the bride’s hand, which looked like that of her long-lost child.

Now, you can imagine just how nerve-wracking this was for the groom’s mom, but she was determined to get to the bottom of this. She mustered up enough courage to ask the bride’s parents if she was adopted, and they said yes!

As it turns out, the bride went missing as a child and was picked up by her adoptive parents on the roadside some 20 years ago. 

Details were quickly ironed out and the bride confirmed that she was, indeed, the woman’s long-lost biological daughter.

So what about the wedding? Well, it was also revealed that the groom was adopted too! And so the wedding went on as planned. But what a reunion right?