Woman marries herself after split from fiancé

Morrison gets emotional during her marriage to herself

Meg Taylor Morrison decided that absolutely nothing would stop her wedding, not even a split from her fiancé. So the 35-year-old life and business coach from Atlanta, Georgia got married to herself.

Morrison planned her special day months in advance. She ordered a custom-made wedding cake, chose the perfect dress and, yes, bought a sparkling diamond ring. 

Morrison reciting her votes to herself

Ten of her closest family members and friends attended the ceremony in an Airbnb in Boulder, Colorado with all guests adhering to strict COVID-19 guidelines. 

They watched in awe as Morrison said her vows in a mirror and kissed her reflection instead of wedding someone else, and put the ring on her own finger.

And as she tells it on Good Morning Britain the “biggest gift” she gave herself during the wedding was surrendering control of how the ceremony would go. She said lots of things didn’t go as planned but she was able to relax and have a wonderful day.