Woman wears the same black dress 100 days in a row

(Photo: Hauterfly)

The best thing about a simple black dress is having the option of wearing it in many styles. But could you also wear it for many days? How about 100 days in a row?

Well, that’s what 52-year-old Sarah Robbins did. She wore the same black dress 100 days in a row as a challenge out forth by clothing brand Wool&. And before you ask, yes BUZZ Fam, she could wash the dress.

According to the brand’s official website, “The purpose of the challenge is to encourage people to find contentment in a life of less.”

Robbins took on the challenge in September 2020, and documented her journey on her Instagram account.

Robbins invented creative ways to style the dress for the 100 days. This includes a casual look where she tucked the dress in a jeans and added a white blazer, or when she created a festive vintage sweater look in Christmas.

Robbins has received many congratulations for finishing the challenge, and has even inspired others.

“Well done on completing the challenge!” wrote an Instagram user.

“Create a goal, write it down, read it every day and watch the amazing results,” another one added.