Woman welcomes 10 babies in 10 months

Christina with her babies

A 23-year-old Russian woman and her millionaire husband have plans to have up to 105 children. With that goal in mind, the couple has welcomed 10 babies in the last ten months via surrogates.

Christina Ozturk who is from Moscow, met her wealthy hotel owner husband 56-year-old Galip Ozturk while on holiday in the coastal town of Batumi in Georgia.

When the couple met, Christina was already mom to a daughter that she gave birth to at 17-years-old. They both agree that it was love at first sight, and decided to start the journey of expanding their family.

The plan at first was for Christina to get pregnant every year, but they soon realize that that would put too much of a strain on her reproductive system. So they opted for surrogacy instead.

After having 10 children in just 10 months, Christina said the couple plan to have a break before welcoming more into their brood
The couple plan to have a break before welcoming more into their brood 

Their first child Mustafa was born on 10th March 2020 while their most recent addition, and tenth child together Olivia, was born on 16th January 2021.    

Christina says she has a strict childcare routine, and although she has nannies, she monitors everything, from the homemade grams of food they eat, to ensuring they sleep from 8pm to 6am’ each night. She said the family’s nannies record each and every detail of the children in a set of diaries. 

The state of Georgia has allowed surrogacy since 1997 as long as the couple involved are heterosexual and married. 

The child that is born automatically goes to the people who provided the genetic material for the conception, and the surrogate does not have any rights. 

All of Christina’s potential surrogates go through counselling and sign legal paperwork before becoming pregnant with children that are genetically from Christina and her husband.