Women will think twice about marrying a man who has a large collection of…

You may think he is the one because he says all the right things, has great manners and knows that chivalry is not dead and buried.

He dresses well, has a good job, most of his friends can count past a hundred and have all of their teeth.

On paper he may seem like a catch but you still have one last hurdle to cross before deciding if this is going to be a serious relationship or if you will have to bid him goodbye.

You now have to visit his place of residence.

Whether he lives alone, in a town house, apartment or single family home, you have to stop by and see what he is working with. You will then be able to deduce not only if he is a hoarder, but also if he is clean enough, has any major bad habits, a table full of unpaid bills and any insect infestation.

If you have time to do a little snooping you may also unearth if he has stuff he would rather you not see stashed away in closets, under the sofa cushions or under the bed.

The following are some of the things women say are deal breakers for them if they find that their men have way too many of these hidden.

1. Ex-girlfriends. Avoid all of that unnecessary drama by walking away.  

2. Guns. Run, do not walk! 

3. Debt. A huge red flag that does not bode well for your financial future together. 

4. Sex dolls. Some people relate better to inanimate objects than human beings.

5. Drugs. The last thing you need in your life is an addict.  

6. Action figures/toys. If they are not in mint condition where they are considered a collectors’ item, then they need to go.

7. Toupees. Fake hair on a man can be very creepy.

8. Dirty magazines. A little pornography maybe expected but not book shelves full.

9. Reptiles/critters. Snakes and baby alligators are not pets.