Working from home increases productivity, study finds

If you’re an employer, and you’re thinking about having your staff return to the office to work once we get this coronavirus situation under control, then you might wanna pay attention to the findings of this study.

A survey, conducted in the United States found that workers are more productive while working from home, and businesses are thriving.

Researchers asked over 1,600 individuals how they have adapted to working at home and one-third said they are more productive than when in the office. 

Respondents noted they now have better control of their time and how much work is completed. 

But those who feel isolated or rely on others to do their tasks reported being less productive.

Another study at the University of Montreal found that teleworking is improving business.

The analysis is based on data from  over 1,600 respondents to an online questionnaire. 75 per cent were women and 25 percent men, mostly from Quebec.

Some 85 percent were 40 years old, 85 percent have a university degree, and 70 percent work in the public and parapublic sectors.

One-third of respondents said they feel that their productivity has increased since having to work remotely. Despite the fact that more than half of the study’s participants are teleworking alongside another person at home.

Tania Saba, co-author of the study, said: ‘It’s interesting to note that both men and women said they were more productive.’

Those who said they are more productive tend to be over 40 years of age and spend less time tending to family and other obligations