Workplace dating, can it work?

He’s new to the organisation so your boss asks you to show him the ropes and take him around. At first you were not up for it but then you realised his butt looked good in those pants and when he smiled his dimples stood out like a beacon.

Working dating can be a tricky, especially if you’re navigating a space that has policies about it.

Yup, there’s definitely chemistry and you can see your future children already. However, he is your co worker and there are so many things that can go sideways and make your office environment uncomfortable if not downright toxic. So should you chance it, or leave well enough alone?

Firstly, you better ensure that your company does not have policies in place against co-workers fraternising. Some entities do and if you are caught commingling then one or both of you can lose your job. Since a bank has never cashed love, it makes no sense to lose your jobs over it.

While we may find love in a hopeless place (of employment), it may become overwhelming when spending hours on end with the person you’ll be seeing after work.

Additionally, look at the parameters of relationship boundaries at the office as simple greetings and compliments today can be termed as ‘harassment’ if it goes sour down the road. Knowing your rights early can save you time, headache and even a lawsuit later on.

Even with knowing what the rules are, you go ahead because you are in love and they’re ‘the one’ for you. Now he/she expects you to spend all your free time including your coffee break with them. Pretty soon you realise all of your time in office and at home is in the company of the same person to the exclusion of all others. What was cute initially becomes exhausting over time since the person does not even give you a chance to miss them. With a workplace romance, you spend so many hours together it can get overwhelming.

If things don’t work out, it could end with one person being forced to change jobs to avoid added complications.

Some office affairs end so badly that one person has to be transferred to another department or even another branch because it interfered with the actual work and the boss did you a favour by not firing you for compromising the work environment.

But why chance it? Jobs are harder to find than a partner so your best bet is to keep it neutral until one party finds an opportunity elsewhere. Until then, you can make do with platonic water cooler break.