World’s oldest person to carry Olympic torch

Kane Tanaka already has the distinction of being the world’s oldest person and now she will also be an Olympic torchbearer when it arrives in Japan in May.

The world’s oldest person, Kane Tanaka, will be a torch bearer when the Olympic flame arrives in Japan. (Photo: skynews)

The 118-year-old Tanaka has already lived quite a life having survived cancer twice and two pandemics.

She will take the flame as it passes through Shime in her home prefecture of Fukuoaka, as first reported by CNN.

Thought she will be pushed in her wheelchair for most of the roughly 100 metres of her leg, she is determined to walk the final few steps to hand over to the next torch bearer.

The supercentenarian – someone aged 100 years or older- was born in 1903, marrying a rice shop owner, with whom she had four children, at 19.

Tanaka’s grandson Eiji Tanaka, says she has her sights set on breaking another record, being the oldest person to ever live. To achieve that, she will have to beat a French woman who died at 122 years.