Worst places to spend a night

Nothing compares to a great night’s sleep in your own bed, and certainly nothing on the list below.

Think of your bedroom with its candles, fluffy pillows, 72-inch mounted and warm, inviting bed. Then think about all the places you do not ever wish to be stuck, not even for a night.

These places represent your worst nightmares referencing stories you have been told and images you have seen on television.  You do not have to live through it personally to know that these places are definitely not on your bucket list.

Check out the list below and see if you agree.

1. Jail: You do not intend to be there, no thanks Pam!

A night in jail is no one’s idea of rest.

2. Homeless shelter: It’s not even the thought of sleeping next to strangers, it’s the reason it would even be necessary.

3. Hospital: It is never as nice as you see it in all those television shows.

4. The doghouse: Fleas and ticks would be your bedfellows and constant companions.

5. The couch: If you are very tall this can be an uncomfortable situation

It’s not nearly as comfortable as you think.

6. In-laws’ house: They like to tell you what to do under their roof and half of the rules make no sense to a grown adult.

7. Cemetery: People have slept in the graveyard but you do not intend to be one of them.

8. Car: Especially if it is tiny like a clown car, folding like a pretzel will be a challenge

Sleeping at the office? Let’s hope it never comes to that.

9. Office: Your place of work should not be your place of residence.

10. Campsite: Not everyone gets turned on by mosquitoes and bugs, not to mention doing a ‘number two’ in the bushes.