Would you date a mamma’s boy?

It is said to be every independent woman’s worse nightmare: the curse of the mamma boy.

That male for whom the opinions and views of his mother mean more than any logical or rational argument you can throw at him.  Her hold is so tight that not even a new tin of WD40 can loosen it because she still cooks, cleans, comforts and consoles him in a way no other female is allowed to.

Mom interfering in couple’s relationship (Photo: scarymommy.com)

So why even get entangled with that twosome? Clearly, you will be seen as the third wheel or for her, just someone to tolerate until she frustrates you and runs you off like she has done every other girlfriend since he was in high school. That is the mindset of an overbearing mother.

Why in the name of curried goat gravy would you date a mamma’s boy?

Tolerate and then take over. She may subtly drop hints on things she nitpicks about to substantiate what she feels is wrong with you and plant seeds of doubt in his brain. One girl was reportedly dropped because his mother said her eyes were too far apart and was the classic sign of a ‘hoe’.  I kid you not.

Once again you may ask, why in the name of curried goat gravy would you date a mamma’s boy? Well, if you analyse it fully there may be some perks to ‘mamma’s boy madness’.

Firstly you will never have to spend time doing his laundry or cleaning his crib since she got that covered. Housework and cooking is her forte so you do not have to kill yourself slaving over a hot stove. You do not have to cater to him because she’s been doing it for decades anyways. Plus who really wants a relationship when your substantive date night involved sorting and matching his socks?

Fresh laundry

You have already guessed that if he calls you once or twice a day, he calls her at least five, therefore you will find time to get other things done without him ‘blowing up’ your phone since he will be well occupied.

Enjoy the additional free time

Because you are independent, you can continue to live your best life, making him an appendage and not the centre of your universe because she is the centre of his.

Most importantly, it will give you an opportunity to analyse and reflect on what you want from a long term relationship that can possibly lead to your forever after.

By examining what you do not currently have, you will realise what you want to have. By critically viewing what is missing you will understand what you are not getting so you, therefore, know what to search for and knowing what you want on your checklist of must-haves will ensure that you just do not settle for anybody’s ‘baby boy’.