Would you give up sex for Lent?

With all the hoopla and health panic over coronavirus, many have forgotten about Lent, their plans to do their annual pilgrimage for the holy holiday and to not partake of some things they consider a significant part of their lives.

Mental toughness and fortitude

Traditionally, ‘Lent’ is a time of moderation, fasting and self-denial, and each year people deny themselves things that they enjoy or may have over-indulged in throughout the year. For some, they give up soda, fast food, chocolate, meat, wine, coffee and even partying. Few, however, turn their minds to giving up sex for 40 days.

For some men, it is akin to asking them to not breathe, but those who consider it, view it as a means of testing their mental toughness and fortitude, as denying oneself that ultimate pleasure proves that your mental and physical strength is like that of Superman!

Sex is a distraction

So, why would someone even consider it? One reason is because it is a perfect period to kick a bad habit. And in some persons’ cases, it could be the risk of sexual practices such as unprotected intercourse with one night stands or sex with someone else who had dubious sexual proclivities and patterns such as sex workers or escorts. The simple rule to remember is, if you are sleeping with someone you are also sleeping with everyone that they have slept with. If that ain’t scary, I don’t know what is!

Another idea behind giving up sex is because Lent signifies not succumbing to things that prove distracting. For some individuals, sex is a distraction from regular everyday responsibilities. If you doubt this, just check the maternity wards and Victoria Jubilee Hospital nine months from now! Sex becomes a coping mechanism for boredom, low self-esteem, the need to please others and attention-seeking behaviour, none of which is a real good reason to do the ‘mattress mambo’. So Lent is a good time to get refocused and redirect your attention to something that will help and not hinder you from realising and achieving your goals.

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